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This is a Pink Floyd fan-fiction dedicated group. You can write about Syd, Roger, David, Rick, Nick- any of them! But don't you worry, we won't bite you for what you write! The name was supposed to be a clever play of words from "Careful With That Axe, Eugene"- quite the success, yes? ;)

You see, I've made this group because Pink Floyd could use a little more love in this world.
And I have no idea how popular this group will ever get, but I've got high hopes. See what I did there?
Okay, so here are some simple rules.
1. You ought to put the stories in the right folders or you will get rejected.
2. The Featured folder is for art ONLY. You'll have to resubmit your written works, so don't feel too hurt about rejection, because they'll be accepted when put in the correct folders, anyway. There is also an OC's folder.
3. If constant problems arise from you from other members (which I thoroughly doubt), you will be evaluated and decided upon if you ought to be thrown out depending on the situation.
4. Slash is allowed.
5. Members can send their opinions on changing things up in the group. (We're not a dictatorship.)
6. And most importantly- HAVE. FUN.

Now, if you guys tell your friends about this group and lots of them join, I'll make you admins, and go ahead and submit your fan-fics- if you have them.
Founded 6 Years ago
Feb 18, 2012


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39 Members
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Syd Barrett - Crazy Diamond by SoulShapedFace
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Syd Barrett
Roger Waters

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David Gilmour
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Lucifer Syd...Siam CAT! by SyddyGurl Lucifer Syd...Siam CAT! :iconsyddygurl:SyddyGurl 4 20 SYD - SMOLDERING! by SyddyGurl SYD - SMOLDERING! :iconsyddygurl:SyddyGurl 3 12 MY TAKE on 'PF Poster Re-mix' by SyddyGurl
Mature content
MY TAKE on 'PF Poster Re-mix' :iconsyddygurl:SyddyGurl 20 92
An Ode To Syd - Michael Jackson Style!
"S.Y.D. (Sexy Young Dream)"
Where Did You Come From Syddy
And Ooh Won't You Take Me There
Right Away Won't You Baby
Happy Piper You Are The King Bee
Make Some Honey-Sweet Love To Me
Don't You Know
Now Is The Perfect Time
You Can Make Me High
Within The Colored Gel Lights
My Desire's In Interstellar Overdrive
Let's Have Psychedelic Sex....
I Want To Love You (S.Y.D.)
Sexy Young Dream
You Need Some Lovin' (T.L.C.)
Tender Lovin' Care
And I'll Take You There
I Want To Love You (S.Y.D.)
Sexy Young Dream
You Need Some Lovin' (T.L.C.)
Tender Lovin' Care
Cambridge Boy So Fair
Anywhere You Wanna Go
[2nd Verse]
My Crazy Head Is Spinning
Desire To Be With You
Gotta Get To You Syddy
Filling Me With Madcap Insanity
Cover Me In Your Honey, My Sweet King Bee
Don't You Know
Now Is The Perfect Time
As I Gaze In Your Cleopatra Eyes
Cherry Lips Are Red Hot
Dark As Night Is Your Raven Hair
I'll Give You All That I've Got....
I Want To Love You (S.Y.D.)
Sexy Young Dream
You N
:iconsyddygurl:SyddyGurl 5 48
It - Part 4
It's looking at me now.
The horse.
It's looking at me.
I'm looking at him, and I see nothing.
Empty Spaces.
"Stop!" he cries, startling me.
I look at him, and he's full of them.
"Don't join Them."
"I was never going to, either."
I say, taking his hand.
He looks at me and whispers,
"Syd, we're going mad."
"I'm taking you with me then, Roger."
:icongreatgawain:GreatGawain 5 4
It - Part 3
"No, no, NO!" I tell it angrily.
"It will not WORK!
It will NOT work!"
"It CAN work," it yells back at me.
"Because either way,
there is an Us
and there is a Them."
I look at it, and it looks back at me.
"Not unless I become part of Them."
:icongreatgawain:GreatGawain 2 2
It - Part 2
"Do you want the Numb in Comfortably Numb?
Or the Damage in Brain Damage?
Perhaps even the Sorrow in Sorrow?"
I taunt, mocking it cruelly.
It looks up at me, sadly, and says
"No, no Blue in Goodbye Blue Sky,
No Cruel from Goodbye Cruel World,
And God knows, no Hell from Run Like Hell.
...Simply the Lust in Young Lust."
"You're disgusting," I tell it.
"You're heartless," it snaps back.
It walks away, but I know it'll come back.
We are One, in Cluster One.
:icongreatgawain:GreatGawain 2 4
It - Part 1
I tell it to go away but it comes back.
"So what do you want?" I ask it.
It slithers around the P
And creeps around the F
But tosses a mane to the rest
And states simply,
"I want the Us from Us And Them."
"There is no Us," I tell it.
It ignores me as usual and rises.
Walking out, a thousand barriers crash to the floor
And its feelings let loose as soon as I can't hear.
:icongreatgawain:GreatGawain 1 0
I Remember A Time
RiW-I remember a time, when Nick was caught eating all the pie in the fridge. Man, it was so funny! David came in, and he yelled, and that caused Nick to yell, and they both yelled at the same time, and Rog and I came running, and we started laughing so hard, I couldn't breathe! Rog had to hold me up, I couldn't even stand up, course he hardly could either! Nick just looked so embarrassed, sitting there in front of the fridge, and David was glaring at him like an angry wife. Ah, we never forgave him for that! Even now we still joke about it with him. He just rolls his eyes and fiddles with his hair, his long, black, curly hair, which also reminds me of another time…
RoW-A funny time? Hell, there's plenty of those. Let's see… Ooh, the best has got to be when Syd and Rick were dead drunk! Haha, God that sure was a time to remember. They were so wasted, they were having a stripping contest! It was a little freaky, but hysterical when Syd got down to his boxers, and they had flow
:icongreatgawain:GreatGawain 7 20
A Look Inside Syd's Head...
I want you to know.
Know how, what, I feel.
I want to make you know.
But you won't let me. You just walk around like you've made up your mind about me already.
Well, your name is the same as mine.
And that means we can't be that different, right?
Especially since you were my best friend. Were. That's right. I don't know what to call you now. Walk around, tall and beautiful, and ignore me. I'm just the crazy one.
Well, maybe YOU'RE crazy.
Maybe I'm the only sane one here, Roger. Did you ever think of that?
Why can't you see?
Just leave, Roger. Go away. I don't need you.
But oh how I want you.
Hm, I know you…
You were my friend, a long time ago.
Just like that moron Roger.
But we played… music together, right?
Yeah that's it.
I guess you're my friend. You're alright, David.
So why are you here? Are they kicking out Roger or something?
Then what are you doing here? I thought you were on your own. For now.
We haven't been to many shows, lately. I haven't played with you befor
:icongreatgawain:GreatGawain 16 32
It was hot, and then cold
It was hot. That's all that could be said. But only during the day, we found out the hard way. At night it became positively freezing. "Damn, it's cold." Rick said, shivering. Nick smiled as he thought of another joke. He grabbed Rick into a tight hug and said, "Don't worry, love. You've got me to keep you warm, eh?" Rick acquired a disgusted look and pushed Nick, who was snickering, off him. "Get your bloody paws off me, lad." I just watched as I silently froze to death. We were all sitting on the floor in the main room of the hotel we were staying at. My hair was sticking to my neck. I wished I had to remember to cut it. It fell just below my shoulders and clung to my skin. "Honestly, is there no heating at all in this fuckin place?" Nick asked as he resumed his curled position, trying to retain his heat. Richard rolled his eyes and answered, "There's no electricity in whole building, yes Nick. Don't feel so bloody special though, everyone else here has to deal with it too." Rick and
:icongreatgawain:GreatGawain 7 1
Polishing the Crazy Diamond
Roger: We had just finished writing a song for our second album ever. It was relief all around as everyone was glad, since every day spent with Syd was a tragedy. He was becoming farther and farther away, and increasingly difficult to communicate with. He had protested violently during the writing of "Set the Controls for the Heart of the Sun", but said absolutely nothing when we sketched out "Remember a Day". I was ready to pull all of his long, greasy hair out by the time Corporal Clegg was done, but in my heart I knew I still loved him, he was my closest friend, and I was worried about him. Since it's my job to be the pompous, proud one of the group, I showed no sign of worry we worked on the next track.
Richard: That evening, we all sat around, smoking, talking about different subjects. I said very little during the whole conversation, not taking much interest. When finally the topic touched down on Syd. I sat up and listened as David said, "Well, it seems Syd has left us here to t
:icongreatgawain:GreatGawain 5 5
Awesome stuff I found! :iconlawooplz:
Y'know, the one from yesterday? :XD:
But here's something I've decided to do!


Only that folder can accept them; the rest are for writing. :nod:
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